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The GPU and its Function

A GPU is known as a Graphics Processing Unit and it is used to manipulate memory to aid the creation of images, usually to an output device. All PCs have chips that render the display images to monitors. A GPU can be housed on a video card, where on that video card, a processor and RAM are used. While the GPU creates these images, it requires somewhere to house information and already completed images. This is where the RAM comes in. Usually this RAM, called video RAM operates faster than regular RAM and is dual ported. This means the system can read and write at the same time. It then takes the already ready or rendered images and places them in a buffer until it’s ready to output to a screen or device.


Make your PC faster


Have more powerful programmability


Change the way computers operate for the better

Check It Out

Having a graphics processing unit inside of your laptop or desktop opens up new opportunities and abilities you've never had before.

Unlock Doors for Your PC

With the focused mathematical processes of a GPU, you are able to edit video, execute code, and game like you were never able to before.

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